Dear Valued Client,

We are pleased to announce that FXEM will change its name to “EssenceFX” effective 2nd August 2016, as well our previous website www.fxem.eu to our new www.essencefx.com. This website name change is being instituted to reflect the Company’s recently enhanced role in the management of group operations. Kindly take note that only our website domain name is changing. Our legal status, office address and contact details will remain the same. The company’s business remains fundamentally unaffected by this change and all contracts with existing customers will remain unaltered, with corresponding obligations and rights assumed under the new name. Therefore, we request you to make note of the change in company’s website and to use this new name website henceforth in your correspondence with the company. Moving forward, we look forward to maintaining and providing the same services that offered to clients to date and we ask all our stakeholders for their continued support. We greatly value your trust and confidence and appreciate your loyalty to our business with FXEM. If you have more queries regarding our company’s name change, kindly contact our customer support at support@essencefx.com

Best Regards.

Management Team EssenceFX